Upper Chehalis Basin Water Retention Facility

FRO Dam.jpg

Pe Ell, WA

A flood retention facility has been identified by the Chehalis Basin Strategy to help reduce flood risk on the Chehalis River. Learn More... 

Airport Levee Improvements

Airport Levee.jpg

Improvements to the existing airport levee would be made by increasing the height of the 9,511-foot-long levee by between 4 and 7 feet. Learn More... 

Comprehensive Flood Hazard Management Plan Update (CFHMP)

A CFHMP provides an overall strategy of programs, projects, and measures aimed at reducing the adverse impacts of flood hazards on the community. The plan will coordinate and support the activities of the Office of the Chehalis Basin, and provide guidance for FCZD projects and activities within Lewis County.

Previous CFHMP - 2009 Lewis County Comprehensive Flood Hazard Management Plan

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