Dedicated to Flood Risk Reduction in the Chehalis River Basin


The purpose of the Chehalis River Basin FCZD is to address the continuing flooding problem associated with the Chehalis River. The objectives of the District include, but are not limited to: reducing the risk associated with flooding; preserving life, preventing damage to property; and protecting, preserving and conserving natural resources within the District.




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Chehalis River basin strategy

The Chehalis Basin Strategy is an ambitious collection of potential actions to address the challenges of extreme flooding and degraded river habitat. The State of Washington and local leaders are working to develop the Strategy to both improve river habitat and reduce flood damage. It will be a basin-wide strategy that includes near-term and long-term actions, as well as small and large scale projects. The long-term goal of the Strategy is to make the basin a safer place for families and communities impacted by flooding, and to improve and restore aquatic species habitat now and for future generations.

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